Benefits of choosing JURIS LTS

  • Technical Expertise in the Legal Industry

    Our technical expertise in new technologies that support litigation allow us to offer strategies and support to legal teams and assist them in navigating through the complex world of discovery.

  • Technologies

    State of the art technologies used by our consultants that assist them in offering their clients the best litigation solutions.

  • Personal Service

    Our personal attention and focus to the needs of the firm and their requirements for litigation support is what separates us from our competitors. JURIS LTS has become known for providing individual and specific support that meets needs of our customers.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Law firms work around the clock on cases and JURIS LTS does too. We are available to help you with your case, on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Because we are a small business with multiple locations to best suit your needs, we are able to also offer competitive pricing and unmatched service.

  • On-Site Project Work

    JURIS LTS offers On-Site Project Work, due to the confidentiality nature of certain cases. A Production Specialist is assigned to your case and the necessary work is done on-site to preserve and maintain confidentiality rights as required.

  • Multiple Florida Locations

    JURIS LTS has multiple locations in South Florida, mainly Miami, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, in order to best serve our customers.


As usual, you are the ultimate, proactive professional, who handles important matters without procrastination. I always appreciate your keeping me in the loop on all matters for our office. Your input is critical, from my standpoint, on all aspects of these cases.


Legal Administrator

Carlos: thank you for your dilligence. It is much appreciated, and we will remember this for our future business needs.