Trial Document Hosting, Review & Support

  • Web-Based Cloud Hosting
  • Electronic Document Review
  • Complete Project Management

Discovery. Documents. Done.

Your client has a discovery request. No worries. JURIS LTS has already collected and determined the relevant documents for responsiveness. We’ve also prepared a hosted environment for parties to easily access data and files as needed from essentially any computer. We provide all the tools needed to cull, search and tag to complete document reviews efficiently. Our experts can even assist with training, review tasks and processing of results for production, trial, depo prep or any other litigation needs.

Challenges Accepted

We help clients navigate exhibits, documents, technology and more. See how.


Case: $5M Product Liability Claim
Supporting Counsel: Defense
Services: Trial Documents Hosting, Review & Support

In this case, JURIS LTS was sent 15 archived email boxes (.pst files) covering several years of communication equating to 850K emails. The emails needed to be prepared in response to a discovery request due within a week.

Using litigation technology and expertise, JURIS LTS used deduplication, full text indexing and the application of keyword search to data to reduce the number of applicable emails to 53K. We then created review sets for further streamlining by removing “common, but irrelevant use” language, domain-based language, media and more.

Following a final review by 12 attorneys, 839 emails were identified for discovery, and an attorney application to the emails assisted in quick identification of privilege subsets. What appeared to be an insurmountable task, was quickly and cleanly addressed with JURIS LTS’ support.

Case: $100M Breach of Contract Trial
Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff
Services: Cost Effective Hosting

With 60 days before an important hearing, a small plaintiff’s firm was buried in millions of documents produced by the defense - a multinational company. Facing deadlines and potentially exorbitant service fees, JURIS LTS worked with the firm to carefully cull key data from the morass and provide only the most vital services to address the case and client needs. When the case went dormant for six months, creative data storage options saved the firm 3x what it might have paid with a national provider.

Cloud-based software, storage and service combined with a variety of litigation technology tools at their disposal positions JURIS LTS to tailor and meet both client needs and budgets every time.

Cost Effective Cloud Hosting for Short & Long Term Access to Trial Documents

JURIS LTS offers repository services for those large cases in which there are voluminous trial documents to be stored. Cases that require large amounts of space and can cause system problems for your IT to handle, are best managed by an external database.

JURIS LTS Cloud Hosting includes load, host, and backup all your data so that your documents are readily available to you and your legal team anywhere. These documents are secured and stored using the highest encryption available. In the same manner, at JURIS LTS, the confidentiality of your documents is our main priority. We have you covered.

Cloud Hosting

Trial Document Review & Support

  • Program Overview
  • Loading Depositions
  • Determine Page Naming System
  • Load Images and Data Received from Vendors
  • Link Depo Exhibits to the Depositions
  • Index Documents
  • Create Lookup Tables
  • Create Form and Field Info
  • Develop Issues List
  • Create Search Groups
  • Prepare Privilege Logs
  • Create Production Sets
  • Review Documents for Privilege, Production, and Discovery
  • Develop Chronology Annotate Documents with Highlights for Presentation
  • Using Your Database Review Tool with Trial Presentation Software


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