eDiscovery & ESI

  • Accelerate Early Case Assessment
  • Reduce Processing Cost & Time
  • Bring Efficiency to the Courtroom

Trial eDiscovery and ESI

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) can be daunting to manage and maneuver; particularly, in cases with voluminous data. JURIS LTS provides the technologies, as well as a personalized custom approach, which ensures the highest level of service and efficiency.

Authenticating IoT Evidence

Defensible Collection from the Cloud

The moment a matter lands on your desk, you need to capture and authenticate all cloud based evidence available: social media, Dropbox, AWS server… even Uber or Lyft style car service...before it disappears. JURIS LTS makes finding and accessing nonstandard file types available to all.

Today's judges and trial lawyers are well seasoned in ESI, and screenshots of digital media will not hold up. Using top line technology, we can quickly gather IoT material and underlying meta data to capture best practice authentication and chain of custody.

JURIS LTS = Fast, low cost, defensible IoT evidence.

Assistance Throughout the eDiscovery Process

Conceptual model of the e-Discovery process developed by Duke Law EDRM Model.

Stage 1


Locating potential sources of ESI & determining its scope, breadth & depth.

The JURIS LTS Assist:
Using Case information, Custodians, or Date Ranges, JURIS LTS can help the legal team determine the relevant ESI sources including archived data and mobile devices. Furthermore JURIS LTS can assist with questions of cost-sharing and the burden of production.

Stage 2


Ensuring that ESI is protected against inappropriate alteration or destruction.


Gathering ESI for further use in the e-discovery process (processing, review, etc.).

The JURIS LTS Assist:
JURIS LTS can collect ESI data from many different sources using the industries best practices. We follow detailed and defensible protocols in both collecting and securing ESI data.

Stage 3


Reducing the volume of ESI and converting it, if necessary, to forms more suitable for review & analysis.


Evaluating ESI for relevance & privilege.


Evaluating ESI for content & context, including key patterns, topics, people & discussion.

The JURIS LTS Assist:
JURIS LTS relies on some of the best review and production tools in the industry. Our knowledge and experience with a multitude of ESI formats helps JURIS prepare a database for the most efficient review and analysis possible. In addition, our techniques for Early Case Assessment (ECA) and Managed Review empower the legal team to cull through the mountains of data.

Stage 4


Delivering ESI to others in appropriate forms & using appropriate delivery mechanisms.

The JURIS LTS Assist:
Juris is able to review mutually agreed upon eDiscovery protocols or those that may have been ordered by the court, and prepare ESI productions complying with specified methods.

Stage 5


Displaying ESI before audiences (at depositions, hearings, trials, etc.), especially in native & near-native forms, to elicit further information, validate existing facts or positions, or persuade an audience.

The JURIS LTS Assist:
JURIS has participated in over 150 trials, organizing and presenting ESI documents and accompanying meta data to juries and judges throughout the Southeast. We know how to best present what can be seen as an overwhelming amount of data in a streamlined fashion.


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Challenges Accepted

We help clients navigate exhibits, documents, technology and more. See how.


$100M Breach of Contract TrialCase: $100M Breach of Contract Trial
Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff
Services: eDiscovery Priced Intelligently

With 60 days before an important hearing, a small plaintiff’s firm was buried in millions of documents produced by the defense - a multinational company. Facing deadlines and potentially exorbitant ediscovery service fees, JURIS LTS worked with the firm to carefully cull key data from the morass and provide only the most vital ediscovery services to address the case and client needs. When the case went dormant for six months, creative data storage options saved the firm 3x what it might have paid with a national provider.

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Personal Injury TrialCase: Personal Injury Trial
Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff
Services: Acquisition of Defensible Online Evidence

In this personal injury trial, Plaintiff was thrown down a 12 foot bank from a rented wheelchair advertised for all terrain use. The chair manufacturer subsequently removed all online material related to the all terrain use of said chair. JURIS LTS however had already collected and indexed all online material related to the chair: urls, facebook ids, videos, dates collected, dates posts created, and more, resulting in a defensible resource library of evidence. Not just screenshots.

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Data Sources

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Graphic
  • MS Office
  • PDF

Data Processing

  • Collect
  • Extract
  • Tag
  • Cull
  • De-dupe
  • Convert
  • Index
  • Prep for Hosting

Data Use

  • Review
  • Host
  • Organize
  • Prepare
  • Create
  • Present
  • Produce
  • Search