Trial Services

  • Trial & Arbitration Presentation
  • Virtual & Live Court Technology
  • Trial Director Support
  • Out-of-Town Trials

Trial & Arbitration Presentation

Tech savvy jurors, judges and opposing counsel have raised the bar on how you communicate in arbitration or trial. Simplifying complex issues, highlighting key evidence and framing your argument is now accomplished through endless combinations of digital video, graphics, audio and evidence — all shared seamlessly and instantly at the click of a button.

Legal Graphics

Creating compelling visuals from evidence.

Trial Boards

Designing and printing key evidence for in court display.

Exhibit Preparation

Printing and scanning of exhibits for use in court. More

Multimedia Presentation

Combining images, documents, audio, video and other forms of evidence into one presentation.

Deposition Video & Transcript Synchronization

We regularly overlay graphic, documents and video with audio testimonial to highlight inconsistencies and strengthen the impact of evidence.

Take a Closer Look

Poor quality or out-of-date imagery, audio or video can be enhanced and optimized as well as combined with zoom, crop, clip or speed changes.

Animate to Understand

Communicate complex industry-specific problems instantly with clarifying animation.

Compare and Contrast

Quickly pull up documents and images to share side-by-side in court for impact.

Live & Virtual Trial Technology

Make your case visually impressive.
Present evidence quickly and seamlessly.
Experience no downtime or technical issues mid-argument.

We've handled the technology for more than 150 trials. Let JURIS LTS provide you with the level of support you need to make stress-free arguments each day of trial knowing JURIS LTS will handle the technical details. We offer:

  • Virtual Court Training: Minimizing distractions and delay is just as important in virtual court as live court. We've worked with attorneys to ensure they are comfortable using all the technical features of platforms such as Zoom, Webex, and Trial Director including sharing, breakouts, invitations, file challenges and client troubleshooting.
  • On Site Technology Management: Worry about nothing. We run everything. Need unplanned for evidence? We find it in seconds. Need testimony edited now? We do it. Trial Director acting up? No worries. Videos, audio, evidence comparison, zooming - all are calmly executed at lightning speed due to our trial experience,
  • Technology Equipment: screens, projectors, monitors, document cameras, speakers, printers, hot spots, switches and cabling, audio package with speakers, mixer and lapel mics
  • In Court: We set up all your equipment, test it and break it down for your team. Each court setting is different, and we've seen everything.

This trial video details the process of building a residence over months in several seconds and allows a jury to understand a complex process, but if the operator in court can't make it play, pause or repeat due to technical difficulties, then its use and effectiveness is highly diminished.

Trial Director Support


Trial software can be extremely helpful for organizing and managing thousands of documents.  JURIS can help your team get prepared for trial, or prepare and run Trial Director in court on your behalf. We:

  • Set up Trial Director to use in live and virtual court, or run for you
  • Build your database
  • Create annotations and video deposition designations
  • Combine evidence in different file formats
  • Edit testimony on the fly
  • Upload, locate & manage any type of document

Out-of-Town Trials


JURIS LTS works with attorneys across the country to ensure they are prepared, confident and ready to win when they walk into court, whether they flew in two hours ago or drove three hours to the courthouse.

Our Turn-Key Trial Preparation Services are intended to ensure that everything you need from equipment to evidence is in court and ready to go when you arrive.  The perfect coordination service for Regional and Local Counsel as well as key representation in very niche areas of law that require specialist legal insight.

Your top legal team has arrived to represent the client.  Make sure they can focus on the case when JURIS LTS handles everything else.


Hearings, meetings, deadlines. Your schedule is busy. Have time right this moment? Call us and we’ll answer your questions immediately. Need to schedule a quick call for later, or interested in a live demo of our services?
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Challenges Accepted.

We help clients navigate exhibits, documents, technology and more. See how.


Case: High Profile Construction Defect/Contract Trial
Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff & Defense
Services: Database Development, Exhibit Prep, Trial Director Development / In Court Operation, Trial Tech Equipment Rental, Courtroom Set-up/Break down & Operation

Imagine a construction trial without a single piece of paper in court. This and other missions impossible were achieved in a recent high profile construction trial involving four parties, 30 lawyers and over one million files. Pre-trial, with only a few weeks till court, JURIS LTS was tasked with the organization, tagging and database development over one million files for all four parties, defense and plaintiff.

During the trial, JURIS LTS was onsite to coordinate technology and digital files. Our equipment made technical challenges a breeze. For example, a packed federal courtroom made it impossible for parties to hear the case, so we quickly assembled a sound system to provide perfect audio. Then, when an attorney's personal technology malfunctioned mid-argument, we stepped in to provide visuals and exhibits as needed.

Our digital presence made for a "paper-free" construction trial. 40K exhibits were newly admitted during court, which we calmly Bates organized and added to multiple Trial Director databases as needed. Immediate access and organization of files meant we could easily pull up documents as the very engaged judge called for exhibits while asking questions.

Every time this trial had a new challenge, we rose to the occasion. No stress on the attorneys, JURIS LTS handled it.

Case: $33M Product Liability Trial
Supporting Counsel: Defense
Services: 12 Hour Turn Around Video Impeachment Editing, Trial Director, Trial Presentation and Preparation

JURIS LTS was retained to assist Defense Counsel in trial preparation and presentation development for a California product liability trial.  Plaintiff demand was $33M, and a pre-trial settlement of $3-4M was made. During the trial, the jury requested video testimony in response to the Plaintiff’s claims.  Within a 12 hour period, JURIS LTS (located 3,000 miles away) reviewed the hundreds of video clips in evidence, prepared the key impeachment videos, and made them available to the jury the following day in court.

The Defense won one verdict outright. The other came back as a definite win for the client, awarding the Plaintiff a mere $50K.

Technical expertise, Commitment to the client, and Unshakeable under pressure. JURIS LTS ensures the client was prepared before and during the trial, rising to the occasion when the trial required what appeared as impossible demands.

Case:$47M Breach of Contract Trial
Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff
Services: Trial Preparation and In Court Technology Support

Our lightning speed legal technology allowed our attorney client to:

  • Access over 5000 trial exhibits and 250,000 documents
  • Locate, load and view 55 depositions, including video
  • Provide electronic exhibits to the clerk for easy add to records
  • Edit video depositions in courtroom as objections where ruled on by the judge
  • Print exhibits with a silent color laser printer in courtroom
  • Impeach witnesses using page and lines on screen for immediate impact

All in court, on demand, no effort required and deliverable within seconds.  Not a single box of evidence was brought into court.  Everything was digital, and JURIS LTS handled all of it so the attorney could focus on the argument at hand.


  • Exhibit Coordination
  • Exhibit Enhancement
  • Exhibit Editing
  • Bates Numbering
  • Legal Graphics


  • Video/Audio Playback, Editing & Overlay
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Trial Director
  • Equipment: Screens, projectors, cabling, audio package with speakers, mixer and lapel mics


  • Virtual Trial Training: Zoom, Webex, and Trial Director
  • Upload, Edit & Manage all File Formats
  • Trial Director Set Up & Operation
  • Real Time Evidentiary Editing
  • In Court Technology Set Up & Operation