Verdict for Plaintiff in Conflict over $100M Bridge Project

Verdict for Plaintiff in Conflict over $100M Bridge Project

Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff
Services: Trial Prep, In Court Technology Support, Video Presentation & Editing, Trial Services & Logistics

This out-of-town construction trial was held in a small court in a remote and rural area. Local and onsite resources were limited for all parties, but Plaintiff’s counsel came prepared for anything. This seemingly small difference helped make a big impression in trial.

Even though Defense’s counsel was a national firm touting multiple Chambers-rated attorneys, it was no match for Plaintiff’s counsel PLUS the expertise and resourcefulness JURIS LTS provides with its out-of-town and in court trial services.

Over the course of three weeks, the difference between the two sides were clear and compounded. 

  • JURIS LTS was pulling up docs for the Plaintiff in seconds; Defense was taking minutes. 
  • JURIS LTS made live virtual witnesses possible; Defense handed the judge five depositions to read.
  • JURIS LTS designed and printed emergency trial boards in hours — in a town without standard printing services.
  • When an expert for the Defense presented with a printed binder of 99 Powerpoint slides, JURIS LTS scanned the document and sent to Plaintiff experts in under an hour – allowing time to craft a rebuttal.

At the end of the bench trial, the millennial-aged judge ruled for the Plaintiff in the amount of 2.4M and commented to JURIS LTS:

“Wow, you are really good. I don’t know what they are paying you, but it is as if you knew what the [Defense] attorney would do next.”