Plaintiff Pivots During Last Hour of $10M PI Trucking Trial

JURIS-LTS-Confidence-Trucking-Personal-Injury Trial

Supporting Counsel: Defense

Services: Trial Prep, In Court Technology Support, Video Presentation & Editing, Trial Services & Logistics

Preparedness builds confidence. In this personal injury trial involving a truck and a passenger vehicle, it appeared to be an open and shut case as the truck was clocked by its own corporately installed device as speeding at the time prior to the accident.

However, the lead trial lawyer for the defense was bolstered by decades of experience, a full library of exhibits, and enough confidence in his legal technology to call for them on demand.

The plaintiff’s $10M claim was whittled away by expertly executed cross examinations exposing the causal negligence of the Fabre Defendant. Two ingenious legal tech tactics were deployed:

  • Make sure the good evidence is put in front of the jury easily and often with focus, highlight and zoom
  • Make it crystal clear to opposing counsel and witnesses that you have every piece of evidence necessary, and that you can and will summon it in seconds to support your argument.

The latter tactic, in stark contrast to the fumbling papers of the plaintiff’s counsel, struck fear into the heart of witnesses as the defense repeatedly encouraged them to answer the question honestly because, “I can pull up the document to help you remember. Would you like me to pull up the document?”

The plaintiff’s counsel threw a Hail Mary as the jury left to deliberate, and the case was settled favorably for the defense.

The best trial lawyers are prepared to win and come to court confident – with a full quiver of arrows. High quality legal tech support and services put you in control of trial presentation and exhibits. Winners wouldn’t have it any other way.