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JURIS makes acquisition, formatting and preparation of litigation documents of every file type simple and fast, so that you can easily organize, review and access them. Take back time lost struggling with archaic or unknown file types. We make sure you can print, email, view, play, hear, share, file and present every document you have.

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Case: Valuation Dispute in M&A Transaction
Services: "Burdensome Discovery" File Acquisition

One company was purchasing another. In the process of the acquisition, a question was raised in regards to the valuation of the company to be purchased. The buyer requested some confidential documents in support of the valuation.

Opposing counsel in this case claimed the production of the documents was too burdensome and risky. The seller was unwilling to relinquish custody and control of the company's confidential paper documents. JURIS Litigation Technology Services provided professional, confidential, onsite production. JURIS LTS can go personally to the location of the documents and under supervision or specific protocol per the document owner, scan and tag the documents onsite.

In this case, the document owner required JURIS LTS to remain in one room, the documents were brought to the room and scanned with a portable scanner one box at a time. The document owner retained ownership of the confidential documents, and no burden was placed upon them. These vital documents were now available for review.

Case: Breach of Environmental Law
Supporting Counsel: Defense
Services: Pickup, Scan, Upload and Prepare for Relativity Search

An attorney located in Washington DC needed discovery documents from a government entity in Florida. The documents were made available in the form of 40 boxes of paper. JURIS LTS acquired the documents, scanned, uploaded and indexed them. They were also made searchable within Relativity for review.

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