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Case: $33M Product Liability Trial
Supporting Counsel: Defense
Services: 12 Hour Turn Around Video Impeachment Editing, Trial Director, Trial Presentation and Preparation

JURIS LTS was retained to assist Defense Counsel in trial preparation and presentation development for a California product liability trial.  Plaintiff demand was $33M, and a pre-trial settlement of $3-4M was made. During the trial, the jury requested video testimony in response to the Plaintiff’s claims.  Within a 12 hour period, JURIS LTS (located 3,000 miles away) reviewed the hundreds of video clips in evidence, prepared the key impeachment videos, and made them available to the jury the following day in court.

The Defense won one verdict outright. The other came back as a definite win for the client, awarding the Plaintiff a mere $50K.

Technical expertise, Commitment to the client, and Unshakeable under pressure. JURIS LTS ensures the client was prepared before and during the trial, rising to the occasion when the trial required what appeared as impossible demands.

Case: $100M Breach of Contract Trial
Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff
Services: eDiscovery Priced Intelligently

With 60 days before an important hearing, a small plaintiff’s firm was buried in millions of documents produced by the defense - a multinational company. Facing deadlines and potentially exorbitant ediscovery service fees, JURIS LTS worked with the firm to carefully cull key data from the morass and provide only the most vital ediscovery services to address the case and client needs. When the case went dormant for six months, creative data storage options saved the firm 3x what it might have paid with a national provider.

Cloud-based software, storage and service combined with a variety of ediscovery tools at their disposal positions JURIS LTS to tailor and meet both client needs and budgets every time.

Case:$47M Breach of Contract Trial
Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff
Services: Trial Preparation and In Court Technology Support

Our lightning speed legal technology allowed our attorney client to:

  • Access over 5000 trial exhibits and 250,000 documents
  • Locate, load and view 55 depositions, including video
  • Provide electronic exhibits to the clerk for easy add to records
  • Edit video depositions in courtroom as objections where ruled on by the judge
  • Print exhibits with a silent color laser printer in courtroom
  • Impeach witnesses using page and lines on screen for immediate impact

All in court, on demand, no effort required and deliverable within seconds.  Not a single box of evidence was brought into court.  Everything was digital, and JURIS LTS handled all of it so the attorney could focus on the argument at hand.

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The focus at Juris LTS is on new technologies that support litigation. We offer strategies and services that help legal teams navigate the complex world of discovery in the courtroom. With a custom approach to every case, we offer litigation support services that meet your demands.

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JURIS LTS has experience in some of the most challenging industries and courts in the Southeast including commercial and construction litigation in Florida and South Carolina.

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