$8.6M Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Fraud


Supporting Counsel: Plaintiff

Services: Trial preparation, In Court/Live: Tech support and equipment, Trial Director operation

In a recent $8.6M Breach of Fiduciary Duty & Fraud and Acting with Criminal Intent case, the plaintiff’s counsel did not miss a beat when they found themselves facing a trifecta of technology challenges during a trial. Technology surprises can rattle some trial lawyers, but they were prepared. They had JURIS Litigation Technology Solutions on their team.

  1. Unplugged courtroom. The jury trial was reassigned at the last minute to a nonjury courtroom in an alternative location. JURIS LTS arrived early and set up screens, projection, technology, computers and mics, all positioned to meet the demands of counsel, judge and jury in the unorthodox setting.
  2. Last minute virtual witness. A last minute motion for witness to appear via Zoom was met by wild opposition from opposing counsel, and the judge would only allow it if it happened within the hour and allowed him to see both witness and any documents referred to simultaneously on screen. JURIS LTS set it up, made it happen, and still had time to grab lunch.
  3. No internet. While setting up the Zoom witness, the court lost internet access. No problem, JURIS LTS pulled out a spare hotspot and continued work without interruption.

So what happened in the case? The plaintiff won her $8.5M demand, largely due to the Zoom witness, who happened to be the attorney who had drawn up key legal documents outlining the ownership of the business the funds belonged to.

It’s clear that having experienced, unflappable legal technology support on your team makes all the difference. Why risk it? Be prepared with a partner like JURIS LTS.